Know exactly what you are buying!

Browse, buy and sell with confidence knowing that what you see is what you get


You’re in the market for buying a new car, but you don’t know where to look, which cars are good, who to trust, what to check, and what to do or what not to do to close your deals.

We understand your worries, and we believe everyone should be able to buy a car without any stress!

Peach was created with YOU in mind. With Peach, you get:

  • Buyer/Seller verification
  • Quality assurance guaranteed
  • Price validation
  • Secure payment
  • Pick up and delivery


Quality Assured

All our cars are quality checked (95-point) based on international/Japanese standards.


Secure Payment

Our escrow service ensures you worry-free transactions.


Price Validation

Market price and expert price indication available.

What you get from Peach

A seamless process, from finding the car you like to taking it for that first joyride

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Car Quality

Car Quality

No idea which are Lemons (Junkers) and Peaches (Good quality cars).

All cars are Peaches (High quality cars) screened based on international/Japanese standards.


Condition Report

Trust what sellers tell you, or send your own mechanic to check.

Detailed quality-and-fixes report (95-point) available for all cars.


Price Indication

Guess and hope for the best.

Know both market and expert price estimates to find great deals.

Car Loans

Car Loans

None, or only high interest rate for 7+ year-old cars.

Available for all cars, with attractive interest rates!


Secured Payments

Pay and hope for the best.

Payment held by Peach until the car is delivered.


After-sales Service

Up to you to decide at your own cost.

Free 1-month checkup provided.

Other Services

Insurance Cover

Get comprehensive car insurance cover from our trusted partners, quick and easy.

How we check for Quality

All cars are checked one by one by our experienced technicians

  • Quality - All cars are subject to a 95-point inspection by Peach technicians.

  • Information - Reporting on vehicle condition, cost of repairs, and pricing of all Peach cars.

  • Partners - All inspections are conducted by experienced technicians.

  • Expertise - Internationally-certified and credentialed technicians with an average of 10 years of experience.


Each car has a quality report issued by Peach

How to buy a car


With Peach, buying a car is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Quality guaranteed, without stress!

*Escrow accounts keep your money safe and secure until we confirm the transaction has been completed!

How to sell a car


Our Partners

Customer support

Customer Support

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Customer Support

Reach us today on WhatsApp for instant attention

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